Friday, March 21, 2014

World Water Day as we travel to ours

All around us are the lively noises of the airport. Plenty of coffee, lattes and water bottles are in view and serving to help us start the day. Logan is the first leg of the journey, and it happens that about the time we reach our destination, World Water Day will be well underway.

This special day comes of age this year; it's the 21st time the UN and others have called out a day to call our attention to this vital commodity and natural gift. This year's theme explores water and energy. "Saving energy is saving water. Saving water is saving energy," their site says. For our future, it is crucial that we find an efficient intersection for these two forces. We will need every watt and every drop of both.

Celebrations have begun in Tokyo as we assemble to board our first flight. When we land after our last one, our own intersection with water will take on new life. 

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