Thursday, March 27, 2014

"I think we are looking at rocks."

Wednesday's drive west on the Garden Route across the  bottom of South Africa took our travelling caravan past many beautiful views. The Indian Ocean crashed or lapped onto sandy beaches. Ancient rocks, stromatolites, angular unconformities, all these and more geological features abounded. We drove along the Cape Fold Belt and saw very steep canyons sliced into the terrain. I heard the words written above as we pulled across from an area of rusty red conglomerates. Yes, we were stopping to see more rocks, and each time we did, more of this country's landforms became clear and cameras clicked.

Tomorrow we will again take to the rocks, this time to caves at a place called Pinnacle Point. Somehow the week has flown by and the sense of time is strange. We have taken only six days to explore things that happened thousands or millions of years ago. As we explore this site tomoroow, what evidence of Homo Sapiens might we find there with us?

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