Thursday, March 20, 2014

Countdown to Curbside

Post by Chris Sherratt

This morning I awoke to a sound I barely recognized after this long cold winter: rainfall. It was actually warm enough not to be coming down as snow or sleet, and as I accompanied my dog outside at 5:18am, just to be sure it was really raining, I realized we are beginning that transition from snow and ice season to mud.

Now, in less than 24hours, our Terrascope group will also transition from our campus to a country half a world away, to South Africa, where we will look closely at water, the lifeblood of so much of our world. It will be my privilege to study and learn, discuss and see first hand the people, the land, and all that resides there, to share ideas, to make friends, to come home changed.

The planes will take off whether we've remembered everything or not. The doors will close, and we will leave behind certain responsibilities to take on others. The doors close and our minds, ears, and eyes will open, not to all the undone things we've left behind, but to all that lies ahead.

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