Monday, March 24, 2014

The Jet Lag Series: A Photoset

An early morning wake up, three plane flights, and several bus rides later, we were finally in South Africa! I was also part of the Simmons group that met up and took the shuttle to the first bus and Libby described the whole trip pretty accurately.

But maybe not ALL of the 17 hour plane ride from D.C. to Johannesburg.

While Libby was catching some zzz’s, Joseff and I barely got any sleep on that flight. How were you supposed to sleep comfortably? Curl to your side? Sleep sitting up? Put your pillow on the fold out table in front of you and hope that the top of your head won’t be squished by the seat in front of you? So we were awake for every single one of the selfies.

Here is a set of photos of MIT students – faces vs. time.

0hrs YAY! We are going to be in South Africa! 

2hrs They serve dinner? This is awesome.

7hrs Okay… kinda tired… at least we get a break when the plane is refueling.

8hrs That. Break. Was. Refreshing. We can do the next 7 hours.


11hrs … Libby… how?


Last plane flight! YAY!

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